What Is Persuasive Speaking?

When i give sales presentations, the most common questions i get asked are what is persuasive speaking, and how can it really benefit me in everyday life. Persuasive speaking is the ability to change the thoughts and behavior of an individual or individuals. It will help you attain different goals in life weather that is making a sale, why you should be promoted at work, or even trying to get a bigger discount at the shops, what ever situation you may find yourself in persuasive speaking will help you accomplish your goals.

Persuasion And Behavior

People in general are often set in their ways and are very resistant to any form of change because it takes them out of their comfort zone. They have the attitude of better the devil you know rather than exploring the new options that may be available to make their quality of life better.

As a persuasive speaker you should not try to bully an individual because this will make them aggressive and switch off before you even get half way through your presentation. By treating them with respect, using logic, rationalism, and emotional states we can change a persons mind to our way of thinking.

For example, lets say i was a computer salesman promoting a new PC. I could start my pitch by saying this product is 30% cheaper than other competing brands. This discount will start a behavioral change in a persons mind like why is it cheaper, is the quality of the goods the same, what is the after sales like. Once you have people thinking and asking questions then it means they are interested in your product . Your goal is then to address each point outling the benefits and convert them to your way of thinking.

Emotions And Thoughts

As humans we are capable of making complicated computations and logical thinking, nonetheless we’re also emotional beings. Emotions are a strong and necessary part of our ‘survival package.’ Human thoughts affect the emotional state and vice versa. If we focus on the different aspects of a person’s thinking process, it will enable us we to persuade individuals more easily by employing different persuasion strategies to realize the behavioral change that we want.

There is no single method of persuasion that will work for every situation, or a magic code which will persuade individuals within seconds. It is a skill to be researched and learned however and with practice can be applied very effectively.