Breaking in to the keynote speaker industry

Learning to be a Keynote Speaker

The 1st step if you desire to be a motivational speaker is to initially make up your mind. Sounds simple right? Your choice will be the easiest part of your journey as you embark on a career as an entertainer, trainer or speaker. 

Keynote speakers are not born, they are made. A decision to become a speaker or trainer is very straightforward. In a number of ways it is liking saying you are contemplating doing the most important cliff jump in to the local lake. However until your feet have left the cliff, you are not committed.

The commitment to learning to be a keynote speaker is imperative. Canadian speakers work typically in a much smaller market than their cousins to the south and it is a competitive market. You must consider why would people pay you to communicate with their organization? That answer will become the actual key to your success.

Making the last step count

Surely, if the starting point is the decision, the last step comes after the decision not to quit the speaking industry. It is not uncommon for speakers to be working away at the sidelines awaiting the career to take off and it takes many years to reach that point. If you knew it would take several years to build your career, can you stick it out? 

Frankly, if we knew the runway to success we will plan for it and stick it out. More commonly we expect everything to happen quicker than it does and we quit in year five not understanding that we might have a very successful year if we had hung around for one more year. 

There are so many stories from keynote speakers of people who even had agency representation yet did not create a “career” in speaking for seven or eight years. You can also find many stories of speakers making several hundred thousand dollars a years. Are you prepared to wait that long?

The steps to success

One of the first steps is to join your national speaking association which will have regional chapters that can provide a lot of help and support on your way to success. 

The networking you can do at these meetings with other successful keynote speakers is extremely important for your future direction. You will have the opportunity to hear what is working as well as, what is not. 

The speaking industry is often challenged with organizations who are looking for free speakers. While it may be tempting to drop your fee to court a potential client who really has no budget, you need to know there is a big difference between a free speaker and a professional speaker. 

Once you have created industry ties and learned the ins and outs of a speaking career, it is time to promote yourself. While the digital side of things is very important and cost effective, nothing beats getting on the road and talking to clients directly. 

At the point where you have a few clients under your belt and have delivered some compelling talks, you can start talking to agents who may be willing to add you to their roster. 

The important point to remember with regard to agency representation is they will typically account for only a small percentage of your overall bookings. Be careful not to rely too much on agency representation and focus on carving out your own success.

In the end, the important take away is that there is no shortcut to success. Stick it out, learn and grow and don’t quit. That will become your story.


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